A Monstrous Waste of Time

If I should live until I wake, I pray the web my death to fake.

Anonymous asked: I am the king of creepypasta, king of kings: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair. how are you doing?

I am sneezing a lot today. You?

Anonymous asked: For the Project Breakthrough heroes, have you ever thought of licensing them out like Royalty Free Music, I.E. selling a PDF of their bios/profiles and allowing other creators to use said characters in their work but only if they've bought the PDF?

I actually have a sort of open source super-hero universe at http://heroesandhenchmen.com

Unfortunately, not much interest so it’s been stagnant for a while.

Anonymous asked: Hey, I ordered a shirt from your pixtees thing a week ago, but still haven't even gotten a confirmation email. Is it, like, still up? Am I going to get my shirt?

I’ll get on this right away. I’m not automatically notified, so I figured no one was buying anything. Emailing as soon as I “Post” this.

I don’t know the full translation, but the last word is clearly “Not ALL men.”


This “lion human” is literally the oldest known original character. It’s the oldest known evidence of our species demonstrating imagination.

Who says it was imaginary? That’s Keith and he’s just, you know, around. Posing for shit.

Anonymous asked: Ill be honest I always found Hollywood to be creepy but when I read abandoned by Hollywood, well i had more things to be scared of. What do you think of Hollywood?

Hi! I didn’t write Abandoned by Hollywood, but if you have a link I’ll check it out. :) Is it possible you mean Abandoned by Disney? Otherwise, yeah, different authors.

realitycreeps asked: Hey, I don't know if you remember me, I'm the guy who asked permission to translate "Abandoned by Disney". Before doing anything, I wanna make sure to have the author's permission, so I was wondering if i could translate "Room Zero" and "Lost Episodes" and read them on youtube. Of course, as I did with Abandoned by Disney, I won't monetize them.

That is absolutely 100% fine, and thank you for reading, translating, and asking! :D Don’t sweat it in the future, if you want to skip that step, you can do anything you like with my work as long as it’s not monetized. :)