A Monstrous Waste of Time

If I should live until I wake, I pray the web my death to fake.

Hitler & Dicks

Several years ago, I launched a photo hosting website with the hope it would take off and I could of course make some scratch off of the ad revenue.

Of course, it didn’t get used very often (mostly by me, so it was nice to have) and I kind of forgot about it for a while.

Today I decided to look through the images and see if I can shut the site down, or if anyone is still using the uploaded material.


There are so many Hitlers and Penises.

That’s the internet. That is the entire internet. Hitlers & Dicks.

That’s all that’s going to be left in the end.

We Are The Faceless Corporation


So anyway, for a little while now I’ve been trying to covertly find fans of the SCP Foundation wiki to help with a humor/horror project in a very similar style. However, I think keeping it on the down-low isn’t helping…

Meet The Faceless Corporation.

Faceless Co. is Umbrella…

Come aboard, we’re expecting yooouuu.

mmmskulljuice asked: Sudden giant fandom aside, what do you actually think of Five Nights At Freddy's?


There is finally a wildly successful horror game that gets what really makes something “creepy” and scares the shit out of the player through unique, original gameplay.

It really deserves the explosive fandom, including all the hilarious bishie shipping fan-art. I think it might really revolutionize the genre.

But - Freddy’s is stationary Slender. Along with the Slender games and all the other spin-offs (Slendy Tubbies), you look through a static-filled camera lens to see the antagonist(s) sneaking up on you… and when they catch you, BZOOM, jumpscary noise.

There are only two differences between Freddy’s and any Slender game…

1.) Animatronic animals.
2.) You can’t move.

The previous games presented by the maker of Freddy’s were cell phone games where you dismiss gems, crush shells, play the slots, etc.

Five Nights, IMHO, is just a move from one money-making popular genre with tons of homogeny to a newer one.

The story is hilarious as opposed to scary, overdone and over-explained with inaccuracies that undermine it all. (Why does the caller say “Hello? Hello?!” every time he’s making a RECORDING for you? When is he recording? Who’s dialing the phone to send the recording to your answering machine? Whoever is calling you to play the recording should just talk to you, no? What if you picked up? Why do you come back after night one? Why don’t you lock the doors or barricade them if you MUST come back after night one? Etc. etc.)


It’s the maker’s previous game, Sit and Survive, with Slender aspects.


hay loiuse rembember that time when flamily guy was like i guess just kind of harmless with some funny jokes in places and it got cancelled and for 2 years nobody knew seth macfalmans name or gave him money that was really great how did everything go so horribly horribly wrong

on steam today all u see is slinderman game and lots of xombie but whers thos good old retro game guys like teh spy hunter spy

huckle-buck a flabbtiy guy, luck he’s a can-do positive attitude, helps his famly lern to live and die

he’s. so. much. the. character. from. this. SHOOOOOOWWWWW