A Monstrous Waste of Time

If I should live until I wake, I pray the web my death to fake.
Submitted for your disapproval, the Tombshell.

Submitted for your disapproval, the Tombshell.

I can’t wait to see The Hide when it hits theatres.

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quadrant-44 asked: Awesome! What program do use to draw them?

I draw on the paper, then scan. The colors are done with an old copy of Paint Shop Pro 4. :|

Anonymous asked: Hey! I feel like your stories are awesome, but explaining them kinda ruins it for me, a little. Think about how horror is kinda based around the unknown. You breaking the fourth wall kinda destroys that. Lovecraft kept a consistent mythos, but never consciously acknowledged it while breaking the fourth wall. Keeping a strong wall of realistic seeming mythos can go a long way.

My best and most genuine suggestion would be to not read my behind-the-scenes BS in this case. Not in a “if u dun like, dun read” sort of way, but in that I actually care if the experience is ruined - so yeah. Don’t do that to yourself if it actually makes a difference to you. :)

Besides, maybe I’m just making more stuff up anyway. MAYBE IT’S ALL ONE BIG STORY.

Uh oh.

clamanath asked: Mr. Slimebeast, I just wanted to say I'm a big fan of your work. I even made my own fancast for the unlikely case your Abandoned by Disney and Room Zero creepypastas were adapted into either a movie or an episode of an anthology series, and I want to know your opinion on it: clamanath(.)tumblr(.)com/post/83054893883/abandoned-by-disney-room-zero-adaptation-fancast

That’s cool! From your keyboard to the Old Gods’ ears. :)

Anonymous asked: You're cute :3

Like a nasal infection. :D

quadrant-44 asked: Did you draw those pictures? Either way they're fantastic!

If you mean the weird Snails, they yes! :) Glad you liked them!

A Mopey Mollusk

Another dumb snail drawing. Mopey Mollusk, mascot of an amusement park boasting the slowest and most tedious rides available.

TBH they’re mostly just long, roped-off lines that circle back around on themselves.



There’s an episode of Chowder where he’s learning to write legibly and they do a montage of him fighting letters as things that start with them




Then there’s this one



R… rapist…? D: